Advanced personnel management

Designed for companies that want to track the worked hours against the working time, overtime compensation, earned vacation and other types of their employees at advanced levels.

Quick and easy Staff and Production Planning

Assign labour rules to staff (established in collective bargaining agreements or individual labour contracts), and calculate types of remuneration or compensation.

Monitor agreed holiday time, absences, owed sabbaticals, training, minimum between booking times.

These rules typically come from an agreement – sometimes a union agreement and sometimes an individual agreement between employer and employee.

View all numbers in one place

Display all staff members by skill and assign jobs based on monthly working hours vs. worked hours so you keep those busy that still have some hours to comply.

Easily approve or decline leave requests with single click. Leave notes and print comprehensive reports.

Warning signals appear if an employee’s booking breaks a rule so the schedule can be adjusted or extra compensation added for the next closing point at a period end.

Full Transparency, Happy Employees

With the iOS app, Web Client or Mobile Web Client all Staff and Freelancers have access to their events. This includes information about which colleagues and what equipment are assigned.

Users can easily report their used working time and planners and managers can decide whether the monthly exceeded time is overtime or the resource works less later in the period.

Employees can also view monthly hours in one glance either as printable PDF report or simple numbers list in their web access.

TV2 has the advanced personnel management module to cover their labour rules. It calculates overtime time in lieu etc. Each month they export the Personnel numbers generated in farmerswife to their ERP system.

There are a few main planners who take care of all schedules. With farmerswife, they have overview of which resources are scheduled and which are available. They can generate reports and personnel numbers.

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