farmerswife for
Audio Production

A complete studio scheduling software for audio facilities

Resource and Studio Scheduling

Drag and drop scheduling, makes managing studios, engineers and sessions quick and easy.

farmerswife handles all of your dubbing, mixing, recording and sound design workfows.

Keep track of all the details

Keep a database of your VO artists and their skillsets.

Easily search the history of your artists’ work in your facility.

Track the extras, so no charges fall through the cracks.

Using Cirkus in your Audio workflow

Our Cirkus product adds another layer of collaboration and communication to your Audio workflow.

Integrated with your farmerswife projects.

Red Pipe

We significantly improved efficiency with regards to project management. As a company handling close to a thousand projects per year, the accumulated benefit of this is huge. That in and of itself pays for the investment

Red Pipe

MPS Sonnenstudio

Cirkus is like a giant box with different drawers, holding space for every piece and bit, organizing our overflowing emails, documents, scripts and records

Tobias Fleig

Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Designer

MPS Sonnenstudio

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