Equipment management & tracking

Are you a rental firm, university, production or broadcasting company? Do you need to keep a close eye on all their equipment? We’ve got you covered.

Track equipment with barcode scanning

Scanning equipment as it is checked out or comes back makes it easy to see the status (In, Out, On Maintenance) and “movement”.

Keep track if kit is being repaired or is lost, and also have a full history of the activity.

A separate record for each item is created, showing purchase date and amount, current location, serial and model numbers, value, etc. 


Mac Kiosk and iOS Quick Booker

If you have a very large number of assets such as computers, AV equipment, tools, or cars, we also have an optional Mac based farmerswife Kiosk. 

Deployed as an addion to our EMT module this is a self service station for checking in and out equipment. 

For iOS, self-check-out of equipment can be easily managed from our Quick Booker.

Kit Tracking around the globe

Using the DIvisions Add-on in conjunction with the Equipment Management and Tracking Add-on, allows for clear visibility of where your kit is currently located.

Move kit between locations, then easily book the equipment you need based on where it is right now.

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