farmerswife for
Equipment rental

Schedule and manage all your equipment and jobs in one place 

For fast moving rental management

The Equipment Management and Tracking Add-On is designed for rental houses, production companies, broadcasters and universities – anyone who needs to keep a close eye on all their equipment!

Flexible for all sizes of business

Check equipment in and out with barcode/QR scanning, track lost or broken kit, and keep a history of what’s been where and when.

See a Gannt style calendar overview of your current job with clear overview of availability

Create and manage equipment kits, including what is under maintenance

Build quotes and send invoices before or at the same time booking the equipment out. 

Send automated email notifications to crew and clients.


farmerswife Kiosk is a user-friendly and secure self-service station for easy check in and check out.

It enables staff to pick up equipment or other assets from your warehouse or kit room by swiping their ID Card or a secure login.

Verizon Media

farmerswife has improved nearly every aspect of our production pipeline, from equipment tracking to personnel management, scheduling and more. We never knew what we were missing!

James Kelly

Technology Lead

Verizon Media

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