Frequently Asked Questions


Back in the day our company was located in a typical small town, perched on a hilltop, right at the heart of the well-known and beautiful island of Mallorca, in Spain. Inspired by this, and in commemoration of the amazing work carried out by the farmers from surrounding areas, we decided to name our software “farmerswife”. But, why wife? Well, traditionally in a farm, even though every member of the family cooperated, the farmer usually took care of the animals, plants and harvests, while the farmers’s wife took charge of the finances, organization of resources and selling the products.

farmerswife is a powerful project management and scheduling software designed for the media industry to control and manage the full cycle of projects and resources.

Our software is designed for flexible use across the media industry. If you are a production, post-production company, rental, broadcast, audiovisual agency or an educational institution with media facilities, then this is your ideal software.

No worries, farmerswife is suitable for any company size. And, if you are a particularly small company, you’ll find our clouded service pretty convenient!

farmerswife loves your Apple devices. Actually, farmerswife is a fully featured & native Mac desktop client application, and not only that, it’s also a powerful universal native iOS client App. So, go ahead, enjoy the full scheduling experience on an iPad & iPhone.

Access and manage your business from pretty much any device or operating system: Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, iOS or mobile web client.

Granted access to all functionalities from all devices.

Limited to: access to schedules, time reports and projects. Accessible from iOS and web.

Benefit from our Server and Client architecture. Host the software at your facility, or let us manage your server on AWS, Hetzner or Leaseweb. And don’t worry, we’ll advise you on what’s more convenient for your company!

farmerswife is scalable for any company size and budget, so this latter one will usually depend on your wants and needs. View our pricing model and consult our experts for further information on the subject.

Yes, you do. This software is quite complex and we want to be sure that you will make the most out of your investment. But don’t freak out, we have several options on implementation and training. We will choose the best one tailored to your needs, we’re here to help!

We offer comprehensive connectivity and collaboration with a huge range of softwares such as: SAP, Quickbooks, Sage, Navision, MS Exchange, iCal, and Google calendar, to name just a few. But that’s not all. Take a look at all possible integrations!

No, we have unlimited resources and projects. Some of the other softwares out in the market are limited to a certain amount of resources, but that’s not our case at all – check that out!

Absolutely! We have a bunch of multilingual experts scattered all around the globe willing to help you make the most out of farmerswife. Meet our awesome support team here.

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