farmerswife for 

Manage your projects from quote to bookings and extras
all in one Budget view.

Production Scheduling & Management

Create your budgets, lay out your schedules, plan your resources. All the while tracking your margins. 

Keep track of your jobs – from  the simple ones  to the most complex productions.  

Budgets, Cost Tracking and Invoices in one place

Manage your projects from quote to bookings and extras, all in one Budget view

Set buy and sell rates, configure multiple rate cards and generate invoices.

Manage discounts and see your profit margins.

Track all your deliverables and actuals to ensure you invoice all your work

Get the entire production team on board

Stay connected with web and iOS apps, where artists can easily complete their much loved time-reports.

Send live updates to your team on new bookings via email or push notification

Subscribe to events on your personal calendar

Manage tasks, collaborate with your clients and share files  with our Cirkus collaboration module.

De Tune

We set a goal to streamline our workflow and access our budgets in real time so we can make better business decisions. farmerswife has made it possible to reach our goals.

De Tune

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