Project Financials

farmerswife allows you to manage the project finances through all phases from quote to invoice

All your finances in one place

As a producer or project manager the project window is your tool to manage and access all project relevant information.

Create and access quotes and budgets including updating buy and sell rates per line item.

Apply a project rate card or fixed price based on the client’s budget.

View project totals, discounts, tax and profit margin, as well as pre-payment and part invoices.

Quotes & Budgets

All financial information is visible within the project and is continuously updated.  

Create and access your project quotes and budgets, manage forecast cost and revenue in real time, and prepare the basis for invoicing – all in one place.

The project window enables you to manage the details, line by line, as well as displaying the project totals, tax, discounts and profit margin.

Cost Tracking

No project management software would be complete without financial reporting.

Report on the project finances at every stage:
budget, invoice and utilization analysis.

Financial reports allow you to track cost and revenue from all possible angles.

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