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7.0 Release

Build: 7.0.1000-0-geea9abe57

  • 1 Warning
  • 9 HOT Features 61 Features
  • 28 Other changes
  • 115+ Bug fixes

Welcome to v7.0 - please at least read the "Details" below each chapter in this "top" section of the Release Notes.

v7.0 was built on 23. June 2023.

Native v7.0 changes:
- 1 Warning: v6.8 was the last version to support the "32bit" apps for fw Server and fw Client, warning info was added.
- 9 HOT Features including the New "Dark Mode"
To get started on using Dark Mode:
- 61 Features
- 28 Important Other changes
- 115+ Bug fixes

See the changes specific to this version:

See the full list of all logged changes on our website:

... and also take a look into the new highlights summary of the most recent Released version "Whats New in v7.0":

Check out our Getting Started videos for new Advanced Users joining your team!

Upgrading to fw v7.0 and later - see details!

- You need to be on "Gold Support" past the date of the planned release of this version.
- You need to have a "Version 7.0" license at hand, before starting the upgrade process.
- To be eligible for a v7.0 license you need to have a valid support subscription (Gold or Silver) with us past the public release of this version.

Upgrade your farmerswife (fw) system from v6.8 Service Pack 3 rev. 20627 or later!
If your farmerswife system is still running on older versions, ensure you upgrade the fw Server application as per the must-do upgrade steps; contact should you require further assistance.

The fw-Client-AutoUpgrade functionality is ACTIVE in certain scenarios.

v6.8 was the last version to support the "32bit" apps for fw Server and fw Client!

Any fw Client app on Mac running BELOW macOS Mojave 10.14 can no longer be used! You have to upgrade the Mac to macOS Mojave or later in order to use the latest fw Client desktop app on Mac.

The built-in "Full Installer download" farmerswife (fw) Client auto-upgrade is active on macOS and Windows!

This built-in Full-Installer-download auto-upgrade functionality - requires local OS user permissions read, write AND execute app installers. This will be triggered upon first log-in to the already upgraded fw Server application.
This means, upon login with the fw Client Desktop app, the user has to choose a location where the installer file will be stored on the local machine ... to then automatically continue with the upgrade process.

Installers Download:

- Your farmerswife Server application must have been running on versions v6.4 SP2 and then upgraded via 6.5 Release rev. 18623, or later, then 6.6 SP2, then 6.7 SP1 and finally 6.8 SP3.
- Inform your colleagues about this new version BEFORE you upgrade.
- Run a "Full Backup" BEFORE the upgrade.
- While the Full Backup is taking place, you could now take a look into the documents provided in the "Read And Use Me Upgrade Package" you were issued together with your license of the previous Released version.
- The upgrade itself might require a couple of "Forced Shutdowns" for it to finish.

- If needed, see even more detailed information in the Upgrade Instructions on our open Knowledgebase; they are still the same as for v6.6 Release:
=> Upgrade Instructions v6.7 SP1:
=> Client Installation Mac:
=> Client Installation Windows:

- Ensure you have the Java OpenJDK version 11 installed on the fw Server app host machine, for the Web Client and Mobile Web Client to work properly and in the most secure way.
We strongly recommend to use OpenJDK; more info here:

farmerswife Server upgrade on Mac:

BEFORE you upgrade, verify which macOS version your farmerswife Server host Mac is running on!

macOS 10.14 Mojave is the only macOS on which both the legacy "32bit" and the current "64bit" fw Server installers will work!
When upgrading from fw versions below v6.8 on macOS ensure your Mac host computer is running on macOS 10.14 Mojave!

- Copy the NEW farmerswife Server package to the machine hosting the WIFE Server.
- Un-zip and rename it to include "NEW" in the package name.
- Place it in the same location as the previous running farmerswife Server.
- Quit the running WIFE Server.
- Rename the previous farmerswife Server, to include "OLD" in the package name.
- On both packages do <Control> + click and select "Show Package Contents" in the pop-up menu.
- In the OLD package select the "system" and "files" folders* and use <Control> + click and select "Copy 2 Items".*
- In the NEW package use <Control> + click and select "Paste 2 Items".
- Now copy the new Version 7.0 license files into the "system" of the NEW WIFE server.
- On the 1st start-up only, right-mouse click and use "Open" to launch the fw Server and allow it to run to start the actual upgrade process.
Note: The upgrade itself might require a couple of "Forced Shutdowns" for it to finish; this depends on your usage of the system.
From now on you can simply double click on the NEW farmerswife Server package icon to launch it.
- Once everything worked out fine, remove or update any Dock or Desktop links. And if needed remove the OLD Server package; because up until now, this was a working "roll-back" backup, just in case something went wrong.
- After the upgrade, start the farmerswife Server as usual.

* You might also need to copy the "html_templates" (only if used and if it contains customized templates) folder. And if you are using any 3rd party integration scripts, don't forget to manually migrate these from OLD WIFE Server package > Contents > "Show Package Contents" > lib > scripts > ... and then here only copy the integration script files from the according sub-folder and not the whole "scripts" folder.
Note: The "files" folder might not even be there, since it was broken out, to reside on some other storage device within your network.

farmerswife Server upgrade on Windows and Linux:
- Make sure you are logged into the host machine with the same "admin" user as on the initial installation of the farmerswife server application.
- Copy the NEW farmerswife Server installer file to the machine hosting the WIFE Server.
=> On Windows this is a .exe file
=> On Linux use these instructions:
- Quit the running farmerswife Server.
- Now copy the new v7.0 license files into the "system" of the NEW WIFE server.
- Double click to run the installer file in the same manner as the previous installation (for example did you use "Run As Administrator" on Windows?).
- Follow the instructions of the install wizard.
- After the upgrade, start the farmerswife Server as usual.

The farmerswife Client desktop applications can potentially use the fw Server auto-upgrade functionality...
... by using the "FULL" Client upgrade process; OS admin user permissions Read, Write AND Execute are necessary on the initial upgrade.

If your farmerswife Server is macOS 64bit (Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur) or Windows (64bit):
- Windows "64bit" fw Clients will be "auto upgraded" by using the simple-in-application-auto-upgrade when they first connect to the upgraded v6.9 Beta fw server.
- macOS (Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey and later) fw clients will perform a full install when they first connect to the upgraded v6.9 Beta fw server, by getting the Full Installer downloaded to the local computer to then be used to Replace the existing "farmerswife64" app within the "Applications" folder.

IMPORTANT for the supported auto-upgrade functionality in later versions:
For the farmerswife Client applications on Windows the "simple in-application" auto-upgrade process to work (once supported in later versions), "normal user" Operating System permissions (Read / Write) are sufficient. You log-in, you confirm that you want to upgrade, the needed files are transferred, the WIFE Client restarts, done.

IMPORTANT when upgrading the WIFE Client on Mac: If you have a mix of Admin and Standard users on a Mac, make sure to be logged-in as a Standard user. Then after mounting the .dmg file, drag-and-drop it to the Applications folder. You then need to authenticate with the Admin users credentials! The farmerswife Client will not work for the Standard user, if installed while being logged-in as the Admin user. For the farmerswife Client applications the "simple in-application" auto-upgrade process is supported, "normal user" Operating System permissions (Read / Write) are sufficient. You log-in, you confirm that you want to upgrade, the needed files are transferred, the WIFE Client restarts, done. This upgrade process is not explained in any further detail.

Once you've successfully upgraded, please inform us by sending a short email to; this is very important information for us which helps us to provide the best possible support for you.

Latest free universal iOS farmerswife app v5.0.866 is available on Apple's App Store, click on "+" to see the details!

The latest iOS farmerswife app is v5.0.866 and it's available on Apple's App Store since 27th-April-2023.
IMPORTANT: Requires iOS 13.4 or later.

And since v5.0.840: Added new barcode-scan support for the built-in Camera on the iOS device to be used for scanning items!
This is also in response to previously working 3rd party external barcode scanner support to no longer function, as support was removed by Apple.

The previous farmerswife app v5.0.825 (available since 4-June-2018) works from iOS 9 through to iOS 12.
NOTE: iOS 9 required since iOS farmerswife app v5.0.706.

Requires farmerswife v6.1 SP1 rev 16195 and later versions!

This means:
You should upgrade as soon as possible to the latest released version 6.6.
If you can't upgrade your fw Server application to v6.1 SP1 rev 16195 or later (was released 20. July 2016), then you can't use the latest available iOS farmerswife app on iOS 8.4 or later.
You will get a "Error Failed To Connect" message.

How to install the iOS farmerswife app:
On your Apple mobile device go to the "App Store" app and search for "farmerswife"; depending on which iOS version you have installed, it will show you different iOS farmerswife app versions.
Latest iOS farmerswife app version is 5.0.840; it requires iOS 12 and later (ideally you're always on the latest iOS version).
Version 5.0.59 requires iOS 7 or later. This is the iOS 7 optimized version.
For iOS 6, the latest iOS farmerswife app is still version 5.0.34.

IMPORTANT for older versions:
The latest v5 universal iOS farmerswife app for iOS 7 or later: v5.0.59 is available on Apples App Store since 12-September-2014.
Your WIFE Server needs to be at least on version 6.1 SP1 or later to use iOS farmerswife app version v5.0.59 and later.

Running a separate TEST WIFE Server

This chapter describes the recommended best practice on working on and with a separate TEST/STAGE farmerswife (fw) Server system.
This might be needed when running on Beta versions, or new Service Packs or in general when you first want to run an upgrade check, or evaluate new modules or new functionality on a separate TEST fw Server environment.

You can always use a fw Server app in "Demo Mode" (also with your database (DB) files) and it will run for 60 min. and you have 40 sessions.
An additional "TEST fw Server" license can be provided upon request, available for customer with a valid service agreement in place;
include in your request the Company Name, the info of the local static IPv4 address and the used Operating System of the machine to host the TEST fw Server.

farmerswife supports Push and Feed functionality, and various other email notifications (if enabled); and it can be integrated to various other 3rd party systems; and you can also break out folder structures to network shares which are normally locally hosted on the fw Server's host machine, etc.
All this functionality is therefore also enabled by default on a separate new TEST fw Server environment you might be using. And if not handled with care and turned OFF in a good way, this will lead to duplicate or wrong notifications to your users, or update wrong information on your real live Production farmerswife system.
Please read on.

For a "close as possible" TEST environment, copy the "system" folder from your fw PRODUCTION Server, more info below!
Depending on how you use farmerswife, you might also need to copy other files or folders.

Use the "server.cfg" file to control certain vital parts of your separate TEST fw Server:
This "server configuration" file (server.cfg) provides the option to change certain "General tab" settings "outside" of the actual fw Server application.
You use this file to ensure certain settings are NOT enabled on your TEST fw Server BEOFRE it gets started.

These settings/variables are available by default on this version:

CIRKUS_ENABLED <= This is from the legacy "Cirkus Sync v1" integration and this should always be disabled on any farmerswife system!

These are additional settings/variables not set by default:

Since v6.4 these two settings/variables are special, because on a "standard" and "not externally proxied" fw Server installation, both of these MUST have the SAME port value!

On our "Demo DB" these settings/variables will look like this:

Note: Only licensed features and their variables will be effected by any changes within this .cfg file.

A proper fw Test installation works like this:

- Quit your farmerswife PRODUCTION Server.
- Create a file called "server.cfg" within your PRODUCTION fw Server's "system" folder.
- Start up your PRODUCTION fw Server for the first time with the "server.cfg" file in place, then Quit it again, to trigger flushing your existing configuration settings into this "server.cfg" file.
- Install the TEST fw Server application on your test machine.
- Now copy at least the "system" folder from your fw "production" Server to within your "test" fw Server's installation folder. If you have the time, feel free to also copy the "files" folder; and if you have customized anything within the "html_templates" or "/lib/scripts/...", copy these sub-folders, and IF you are using anything "customized" within these folders, the related files might need to be copied as well.

BEFORE (!!!) the first start-up of the TEST fw Server, edit the server.cfg file with a text editor application within your TEST fw Server's "system" folder and add or set at least these variables to "0", like this:

Save the server.cfg file. Copy it again to a "safe" location on your test machine, so you can re-use it for the next DB file updates. Please read on.

Now start your TEST fw Server application.

VERY IMPORTANT after the first launch and after each update of database files of a separate TEST Server
Go to the running fw Server application > Setup > General tab > "Full Backup Time" and set it to "Never"!
The "server.cfg" does not yet support this feature, and if you do not turn it off, this might interfere with your actual real "Full Backups" from your "in-production" farmerswife system!

NOTE: to test "Allow Mail" functionality from a "test" fw Server, you can use for example a service like "Mailtrap" (
You then need to update this variables with your access details:

Repeat the above steps, for any upgrade or repeated update of the "system" folder on your Test fw Server.
We recommend to save the correctly configured "server.cfg" file for the TEST environment in a good way, and then simply replace it prior to the first start-up.

NOTE: Once you have properly configured your TEST fw Server as described above, you can save time in the future by only copying these files from your PRODUCTION fw Server > from within the "system" folder:
- current45.efdb
- fwdb.db3
- histories.db3
- despatches.db3
- log.txt

... and "paste" into your TEST fw Server's "system" folder and "replace" the previous files. Then rename the fresh "log.txt" to include "date-of-copying-yyyy-mm-dd_InitialsWhoCopied_log.txt". This helps on keeping track.

About these Release Notes, Disclaimer and Legal Information

The content of this Release Notes document is subject to change without notice. The information in this document is furnished for informational use only and should not be construed as a commitment by farmerswife. farmerswife assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this document or any software that may be provided in association with this document. Except as permitted by such license, no part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written consent of farmerswife.


The previous v6.8 was the last version to support the now no longer available legacy "32bit" apps; both for the fw Server app and the fw Client app, on Windows and macOS!

See Details

Any fw Client app on Mac running BELOW macOS Mojave 10.14 can no longer be used!
You have to upgrade the Mac to macOS Mojave or later in order to use the latest fw Client desktop app on Mac.




Fixed a fw Client crash bug when ticking an Activity in an Object when "Selective Activity Inheritance" is enabled.


Advanced Project Search

Added "Cancelled Note" column to the Advanced Project Search when filtering from Projects or Projects & Binders/Bookings/Project Work Orders/Media Orders.

See Details

Go to: fw Client app > min module bar "Projects" this is the "Advanced Project Search".

Use "Edit View" in the sub-menu to add this new "Cancelled Note" column to the search results.


Added "Project Currency" column to the Advanced Project Search.

See Details

Go to: fw Client app > main module bar "Projects" this is the "Advanced Project Search".

Use "Edit View" in the sub-menu to add this new "Project Currency" column to the search results.


Added Containers, Binders and Projects & Binders to "Filter From" dropdown in the main module bar > Projects, see details.

See Details

You can now also filter by Container, Binders and Projects & Binders in the "Filter From" in the main module bar > Projects (a.k.a. Advanced Project Search).

For more details see:


Added columns for "Binder" and "Sub-Binder" when using "Filter From: Bookings" in main module bar > Projects.

See Details

To use these new columns for "Binder" and "Sub-Binder" in the search results in main module bar > Projects (a.k.a. Advanced Project Search) add them through Menu > Edit View.


Added columns for "Container Custom Field" to the Advanced Projects Search when filtering by Projects, see details.

See Details

Go to: fw Client app > main module bar "Projects", this is the "Advanced Project Search".

Use "Edit View" in the sub-menu to add these new "Container Custom Fields" (shown as "Container / Custom: NameOfContainerCF) columns to the search results.


Changed the "Filter From" drop-down in the main Project search to include the check-box options from the secondary search panel on the right.


Fixed "Batch Print Bookings" from APS Bookings Search, see details.

See Details

To Batch Print Bookings from the Advanced Project Search (APS, or main module bar Projects) you can assign a Template to a Bookings name and print multiple Bookings in one go onto a PDF.

More information can be found here:


Fixed a bug wrongly causing a crash in the main module bar > Projects Search, when using right-mouse click > "Edit Booking" (or double click) if no Container was assigned.


Fixed a bug wrongly causing a crash in the main module bar > Projects Search, when using right-mouse click > "Edit Booking" (or double click) if no Container was assigned.


Fixed a fw Client app crash when re-archiving restored Projects, see details.

See Details

There was a fw Client app crash, when restoring a Project from Archived, as you select to re-archive again. This only happens in the Advanced Project Search (main module bar > Projects). The same operation could still be done via Toolbox > Projects without a problem. This bug is now fixed.


Implemented a clean-up of the "Filter From" option, see details!

See Details

Removed the "opposite direction" options in the "Filter From" drop-down menu, e.g. "Bookings To Projects" and "Projects To Bookings" are now gone.
Also fixed the Search result counters so that, for example, when using Filter From: Projects & Bookings, the Bookings counter will no longer include the Project count as well.
It will now show in the bottom left corner of the search result:
*Projects: Projects Search Amount / Amount of all Projects | Bookings: Bookings Search Amount*


Azure Active Directory


Added support for MS Azure AD > User > "Account Status" for automatic fw-user de-activation or activation in relation to this status on Azure AD.


Azure AD multiple fixes for MS Graph API, see details.

See Details

Fixed fw Client crash when using fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > MS Azure Active Directory Connector > Setup > "Test" button.

Fixed some wrongly not populating important "Properties":
- Phone Direct
- Phone Mobile
- And fixed in fw Server app > Setup > Users > Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connector > "MS Azure Extension Attribute ID To Import User Number" to correctly populate the data again.


Fixed a bug wrongly causing a fw Server app freeze if more than 1 iOS fw app user logged-in at the same time with the Azure AD Connector v2 active, see details.

See Details

This bug was introduced when "thread support" was implemented for the Azure AD connector. The fix now will skip the use of Threads when checking credentials, which will then prevent the fw Server app from freezing when users log-in at the same time via the iOS fw app.


MS Azure AD v2 tweaks to catch more info on a not very frequent error when getting the Api token from Azure AD.



Added the new variable "BACKUP_CYCLES" and improved the sync with the related setting in fw Server app > Setup > General tab > "Backups", see details.

See Details

The optional "server.cfg" file (located in the fw Server app's "system" folder if used) contains "variables" from the fw Server apps General tab.
Now, it contains this new "BACKUP_CYCLES" which is "synced" to the setting in fw Server app > Setup > General tab > "Backups".
The available values match with the options on the "Backups" setting:
25, 50, 75, 100, 300, Auto

The "Backups" (server.cfg var "BACKUP_CYCLES") functionality is designed to work together with the setting "Backup Every" (server.cfg var: BACKUP_TIME). And together they are designed to "keep" 24h of "DB Save" "DB snapshot" files. Where then the "Full Backups" process picks-up the backup-process on a once per 24 hour cycle.

The DemoDB e.g. uses this configuration:
Backup Every: 15 min.
Backups: 100

The above DemoDB example looks like this on the server.cfg:

A "Backups" configuration can also look like this, if a external service makes copies of the "backups" folder every 2 hours. Only use this configuration, if the "DB Save" process takes lees than 5 seconds on your farmerswife system!:
Backup Every: 5 min.
Backups: 25

In the server.cfg this will look like this:


Booking Templates


Added two Toolbox settings to reset the "Timereport" and "Checkpoint Status" to the Toolbox "defaults" when adding a Booking Template, see details.

See Details

These two new Settings are located in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > new "When Applying Booking Template" section:
1) "Reset "Use Time Reporting" to Toolbox Default": Yes/No (default)
2) "Reset "Check Point Status" to Toolbox Default": Yes/No (default)


Fixed a bug when using saved "Booking/Binder Templates" to now keep the days when re-applying them, see details.

See Details

When building Booking/Binder Templates, please be aware, that in the future you might be using the Toolbox Setting to "Never Select Weekends Or Public Holidays".

So when you create your Binders and Bookings and save them as Templates for later use, be aware of what you are doing.
Is the Toolbox Setting to "Never Select Weekends Or Public Holidays" enabled or not?

Are you only creating "single day Booking/Binder Templates"? Then only make sure, that you're not booking them accross weekends and public holidays.

Or are you creating a complex Binder and Booking structure over multiple days, which might include weekends and public holidays? If you need to do this, then ensure that "Never Select Weekends Or Public Holidays" is disabled!

When you use Binder/Booking Templates, farmerswife looks at the amount of working days in between Bookings in order to create them accordingly.


Fixed a fw client crash when renaming a copied Booking Template.




Fixed a bug when splitting a Booking wrongly causes some split Bookings to be in Conflict, see details.

See Details

If you select multiple dates and then split a multiple-day Booking with more than 31 days, the split parts would result in a Conflict state. This is now fixed.



Added Binder and Sub Binder to attached Actuals in Budgets.


Added support for importing Object Classes to "Default Objects", see details!

See Details

Object Classes could already be added to:
- Default Objects, making the Class itself selectable, or
- Default Object Classes, making the Class Members selectable.

But when importing Object Classes from .CSV in the Object Manager, the "Budget Accounts" column always added them to the "Default Object Classes" list. There was no way to get them added to "Default Objects".

Now this is supported, by splitting the "Budget Accounts" column into two separate columns:
- "Budget Accounts (Object)"
- "Budget Accounts (Object Class)"
So depending on which column you enter the account number into, it will pick either Default Objects or Default Object Classes.


Fixed Budget Categories drag & drop sorting on Linux for the Budget Settings window.

See Details

On Linux in fw Server > Setup > Financial tab > Budget Settings you can now also move Budget Categories up/down, even if there are Sub-Accounts.


Fixed a crash when showing the "Note" column with multiple Budgets, see details.

See Details

There was a fw Client app crash if you used the Edit View button to add the "Note" column, and then either:
- Selected a parent Budget that has child Budgets, or
- Selected multiple Budgets, or
- Re-ordered the Note column so it was before "Description".


Fixed a refresh issue after importing Objects for Budget Accounts for "Default Objects/Classes" , see details.

See Details

In fw Client app > main module bar Object Manager, you can import Objects from a CSV file, with Budget Accounts for which the Objects will be part of the "Default Objects/Classes".
This worked, except that there was a delay after importing, during which the Objects weren't presented as Default Objects.
After a moment, it would refresh and take the new Objects into account.
This is now fixed and it will work immediately after the import.


It's now possible to disable Tax for Budget Operators

See Details

In the Edit Budget Operator window, there is now a new "Tax" checkbox, by default on.
If it's disabled, the Sell output from the Budget Operator won't be included when calculating Tax. This affects the following places:
- The overview in the Edit Project window
- Project Reports
- Invoicing
- Financial Reports


Tweaked behavior when auto suggesting Budgets for Actuals, see details.

See Details

When you link Budgets to Binders, and also link Actuals to Binders, the list of Actuals will automatically suggest any matching Budgets for when you attach the Actuals.
However, when a Budget was linked to a Binder but the Actual was linked to a Sub Binder within that Binder, it would previously not see it as a match. That is now changed, so it falls back on the Binder if there is no match using the Sub Binder.


Cirkus Sync

Added Cirkus Connector v2 integration settings to the "server.cfg", see details.

See Details

The fw Server app's "server.cfg" file is an optional feature, which allows to pre-set configuration changes on a file, which is then used when the fw Server app gets launched. If used, then the "server.cfg" file must be located within the fw Server's "system" folder. More info also here:

The following Cirkus Connector v2 settings can now be supplied through the optional "server.cfg":
- CRK_ENABLED: Boolean. Whether or not the Cirkus v2 integration is enabled.
- CRK_API_KEY: String. A secret key used to communicate with Cirkus on behalf of a Cirkus User. Note that this key is never written out to the server.cfg unless it's first provided through server.cfg. This is to protect the secret from being extracted.
- CRK_ORG_ID: String. The ID of the Cirkus Workspace.
- CRK_URL: String. The URL to Cirkus, e.g.
- CRK_READONLY: Boolean. Can be used to make sure no data is ever written to Cirkus through the v2 integration.
- CRK_BOOKING_SYNC_ENABLED: Boolean. Whether the Bookings integration is enabled.
- CRK_TR_SYNC_ENABLED: Boolean. Whether the Time Reports integration is enabled.


Added ability to only sync Bookings with certain statuses, see details.

See Details

Under fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus (v2), there's a new setting called "Sync Bookings With Status". It lets you select one or more Booking Statuses. Only Bookings with any of the selected statuses will be synced from farmerswife to Cirkus.
This can be useful e.g. if you want to wait with "publishing" Preliminary or Planning Bookings until they're confirmed.
If no statuses are selected, it will sync all Bookings regardless of their status.


Added ability to sync multiple Projects to Cirkus at once, see details!

See Details

In fw Client > Toolbox > Projects and in Advanced Project Search (main module bar > Projects), you can now select one or more Projects, right-click and select "Cirkus > Add To Cirkus".
This will open up a dialog where you select which Project Template should be used for the new Cirkus Projects.
If you click OK, the Cirkus Projects will be created.


Added ability to view and clear Cirkus Errors on Bookings, see details.

See Details

If there is an error when trying to sync e.g. a time report update on a Booking, the syncer will protect itself against repeated errors by flagging the Booking as having errors and then skips that Booking in future syncs.
Until now there was no way to see that a Booking was flagged that way, or to make it retry the sync after the cause of the error had been fixed.
But now it will show in the Edit Booking window, in the bottom-right corner: There will be a warning icon. Clicking it will clear the errors and let the Booking get synced again.


Added links to the Cirkus Booking from the Booking, Time Report and Personnel Event windows in farmerswife, see details.

See Details

If a Booking or Personnel Event is synced to Cirkus, it now has a Cirkus icon in the upper-left corner. Clicking it will open the corresponding Cirkus Booking.


Added options for controlling the Sync Mode (direction) separately for Projects, Bookings, Time Reports and Personnel Events, see details.

See Details

The "Sync Mode" option available in fw Server > Setup > General > Cirkus (menu) controls which direction data is synced in, e.g. from farmerswife to Cirkus, from Cirkus to farmerswife or both ways.
Previously the same setting affected Projects, Bookings, Time Reports and Personnel Bookings alike. But now it can be configured separately for each of those types. So you can e.g. sync Bookings from farmerswife to Cirkus, preventing new Bookings coming from Cirkus, but still allow Time Reports from Cirkus.


Added setting "Add Project Roles/Members From Bookings", see details.

See Details

This new check-box can be found in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus Sync (v2).
If activated, Users/Roles who are involved in a Booking that is synced to Cirkus, will be added to the Cirkus Project first.

Note that when syncing fw Bookings to Cirkus Tasks, this always happens. The setting only applies when syncing to Cirkus Bookings.


Added support for syncing Bookings on Object Classes and Roles, see details.

See Details

Until now, when you booked an Object Class in farmerswife, the syncer would try to map it to a Resource (using its name) in Cirkus. Now you can change this behaviour, so it tries to map it to a Role instead.

The behaviour can be controlled by a setting called "Map Classes To", in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus (v2). The default for existing integrations is to continue mapping Classes to Resources. The default for new integrations is to map them to Roles.


Added support for syncing Personnel Events, see details!

See Details

Personnel Events in farmerswife can now be synced to Personnel Bookings in Cirkus, and vice versa. It's a full two-way sync just like the Bookings sync.

To try it out:
• In Cirkus, create a Booking Template for the type you want to sync, e.g. "Vacation". Change its "Type" to "Personnel".
• In farmerswife, go to Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus (v2).
• Toggle the check-box "Sync Personnel Bookings".
• Under "Booking Template Mappings", click the "+" button and map farmerswife's "Vacation" type to Cirkus' Booking Template "Vacation". Click OK.
• Try creating a Vacation event on any User who exists in both farmerswife and Cirkus.


Added support for syncing fw Bookings to Cirkus Tasks, see details!

See Details

Starting from Cirkus 1.84, Cirkus will have similar scheduling capabilities on Tasks as on Bookings. And it's then possible to configure farmerswife to make fw Bookings sync to Cirkus Tasks.
This is done in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus (v2) > By Default Sync Bookings To: (Cirkus Bookings / Cirkus Tasks).
There is also an additional setting called "Sync To Cirkus Tasks/Bookings" which contains a list of Booking Types (from Booking Defaults > Bookings Names & Customs). Any Booking with those types will be synced to the *other* type compared to "By Default Sync Bookings To". So it's a way to have a default behaviour, but still be able to add exceptions. For example by default sync to Cirkus Bookings, but still add exceptions that will sync to Cirkus Tasks, or vice versa.


Added support for syncing on behalf of real Users, see details.

See Details

When Booking creations, updates and deletions were synced to Cirkus, the Notifications there showed that the Booking was updated by the "integration user". Not by the actual user who did the updating in farmerswife.
Now this is improved, so it shows which user made the change in farmerswife.

The same applies to Personnel Bookings and to Tasks created from Budget Details.


Added syncing of Task Bookings, see details.

See Details

This feature is default off and must be activated through fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus (v2) > Sync Task Bookings.
Note that it won't be available unless Booking Sync is also enabled.

Any Task Bookings created in fw will become a standard Booking in the Cirkus Workspace, just without any Projects attached.
And similarly, any Cirkus Bookings that don't have any Projects attached will become Task Bookings in fw.
As usual, it will still only sync Task Bookings for involved Users where the email matches exactly between Cirkus and farmerswife.


Binders now stop syncing if an error is encountered, see details.

See Details

Previously, if an error happened during the sync, e.g. due to incorrect configuration, it would keep trying to sync the Binders to Subprojects forever.
That would result in spammy logs and lost performance on both farmerswife and Cirkus.
Now it will register an error in the Project and stop syncing Binders for that Project until a user manually clears the error inside the Edit Project window.
Note that this will not happen due to network errors - only errors with http status 400-499, so called "client errors".


Bookings that are open are no longer synced until they're closed, see details.

See Details

If a user of the fw client desktop app has a Booking open (showing the Edit Booking window), that Booking is considered "locked". Previously this wasn't something that prevented the Booking from being synced to Cirkus. But now the syncer will wait, until the Booking is closed before it syncs it.
One benefit of this is, that if you use the setting "Auto Popup Booking Window On New Booking", you can fully fill out the details - e.g. Name, Type and Custom Fields - on new Bookings before they are synced to Cirkus.


Fixed a bug causing log spam after modifying Personnel Events on a User that isn't synced to Cirkus.

See Details

If you created or modified a Personnel Event on a User that doesn't have a matching Cirkus User in the Workspace, it caused a repeating log statement like:
"[Cirkus Sync]: pm event id202208191238500000001506 has no syncable involved users/objects - won't be created in Cirkus"
Now such Personnel Events will be ignored by the syncer.


Fixed a bug causing time reports to be zero:ed instead of cleared in Cirkus.

See Details

Sometimes when you reported on only some days of a Booking in farmerswife, it would incorrectly report zero hours on the remaining Objects and days.
This is now fixed.


Fixed a bug when syncing Binders with clear color, see details.

See Details

In fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Binder / Marker Defaults, you can set up a default Binder without any color.
When such a Binder was synced to Cirkus, it resulted in a sync error: unknown color name “”
This bug is now fixed.


Fixed a bug where it wrongly logged "Disabling Cirkus Integration (v1)" even though it wasn't enabled.


Fixed a bug wrongly causing duplication of Personnel Bookings, see details.

See Details

When you created a Personnel Booking in Cirkus and it synced back to farmerswife, it would also cause both a Personnel Event and a Task Booking to be created in farmerswife.
This bug was introduced with the Task Bookings sync in farmerswife 7.0 beta 3.


Fixed a crash after creating Cirkus Tasks from Budget Details, see details.

See Details

When you had a Task Template Mapping that was configured to get the Object from a Custom Field, and you used that Task Template for creating a Task directly from a Budget Detail, it could cause crashes.


Fixed a crash bug when opening synced Bookings, Time Reports or Personnel Bookings, see details.

See Details

If a Booking or Personnel Booking had been synced to/from Cirkus, opening that item on Windows would cause a crash.


Fixed a crash on fw server startup if Cirkus Sync v1 was enabled, but in the license this Cirkus Sync version is not supported.

See Details

If you enabled the older Cirkus Sync v1 integration, and then started the fw server app with a license that didn't have Cirkus Sync licensed, there was a crash.


Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen in the Edit Project window.

See Details

Sometimes a part of the Cirkus integration could cause a crash inside the Edit Project window.
This is now fixed.


Fixed an error when syncing Binders with empty names.

See Details

In farmerswife, Binders can have an empty name. But in Cirkus, Subprojects are not allowed to have empty names.
So when syncing unnamed Binders, it would cause a repeated sync error.
Now it will instead call the Cirkus Subprojects "(Untitled)".


Fixed an error when syncing Projects, see details.

See Details

Sometimes the syncing of Projects would keep failing with the following error in the log.txt:
[Cirkus Sync Extra Info]: key "value" not known in dictionary
That bug is now fixed.


Fixed bugs caused by failed Binder/Subproject sync, see details.

See Details

In certain conditions, when one Project's Binders/Subprojects failed to sync, it could cause a loop in a different Project, where Subprojects were first created and then removed, created again, removed again, etc. etc.
That bug is now fixed.


Fixed bugs causing sync problems if the farmerswife Server's clock drifts.

See Details

If the clock time was off on the farmerswife Server host machjne, it could prevent some changes from being synced from Cirkus to farmerswife.


Fixed missing "All Day" bug when syncing Personnel Bookings.

See Details

When you created an All-Day Personnel Booking in Cirkus and it was synced to farmerswife, the resulting Personnel Event wrongly didn't have the "All Day" check-box checked.
This bug is now fixed.


If a Project fails to sync on creation, it no longer keeps trying indefinitely.

See Details

If anything prevented a Project from being created in Cirkus, farmerswife would just keep trying and trying - even if the error was permanent.
Now it will stop syncing that Project until you open it up and click on the error icon in order to clear errors and retry.


Made the User who syncs a Project to be the Cirkus Project's creator, see details.

See Details

Previously, the "sync user" (the one who owns the API Key) was considered the creator of the Projects in Cirkus.
Now it will instead pick the user who activated the sync on the farmerswife Project, as long as that user exists in the Cirkus Workspace.
Cirkus also adds the creator as a member in the Project, so that also helps with giving initial access.


The "Test Connection" button now also checks if the email is verified, see details.

See Details

The "integration user", whose Cirkus API Key is used to read and write data to Cirkus, must have a verified email address (and be Workspace Administrator).
Otherwise it will not be able to self-join synced Projects that it creates on behalf of other Users. So it would create the Projects but not be able to update them afterwards.
To inform about this potential issue, the "Test Connection" button (in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Cirkus (v2)) now shows the unverified email addresses if there are any.


When a Cirkus Task is removed or canceled, the corresponding Project Object is now also deleted from farmerswife, see details.

See Details

Previously, if you removed or canceled a Cirkus Task that was synced to a Project Object in farmerswife, nothing would happen.
Now it will delete the Project Object. If you later restore/reinstate the Task again, it will create a new Project Object for it.


When reporting time on a User in Cirkus, it will now propagate that time to all non-user Objects in the farmerswife Booking, see details.

See Details

In farmerswife you can report time on each Object in a Booking. In Cirkus you can only report on Users at the moment.
This difference caused the problem that non-user Objects would lack time reports.
So now when the syncer finds time reports on Cirkus it will propagate any time reports made on Users to the other Objects on the same day in farmerswife.


When syncing Binders, it no longer sends out notifications, see details.

See Details

When farmerswife creates a Subproject in Cirkus, it can cause a notification to be sent out to all Project Members in Cirkus.
Since the sync can often cause Subprojects to be created in bulk, this can lead to an excessive amount of notifications and put a strain on the Cirkus servers.
To reduce that server load, this operation will no longer cause notifications to be sent.


Class Bookings

Fixed a bug where repeating a Booking by copying it, would wrongly duplicate involved Objects.


Fixed an intermittent error when scheduling Bookings, see details.

See Details

Sometimes there was an error causing an fw Client app crash (expected boolean value but got "") when trying to create/move Bookings on certain days.
A fw Server app restart would fix the issue temporarily, but then it could come back.



Added into fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > "Default Maintenance Causes Conflict" setting, see details.

See Details

Go to fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > "Default Maintenance Causes Conflict" with options "Yes" (default)/ "No".


Fixed a bug when using Booking > Split by which the first Booking of the split was wrongly marked as being "in conflict", see details.

See Details

When a Booking over 31 days was split into two, the Booking before the split day was wrongly getting set to "Preliminary" (in conflict) Status. Now the bug is fixed.



Changed that when creating a new Contact the default Type is "Client".



Added Active/Closed filter on the new "Container" tab in the Toolbox.


Custom Fields

Alarms configured on Custom Fields type Date for Objects and Projects now include the respective Name/Number and have a button to directly open the Modify Object window or Edit Project window, see details.

See Details

This is only available for Project Custom Fields type Date or Object Custom Fields type Date.
When clicking on the Alarm icon this will open the Modify Object window, or the Edit Project window.

See more info here:


Daily Mail

Fixed a crash caused by events containing certain characters, see details.

See Details

If Bookings or other events contained certain characters such as '{' or '}' in their Name or Note fields, it could make the "Daily Automated Schedule Sendout" fail and cause a fw Server app crash.


Dispatch Module


Added new setting "Auto Check Out Objects That Are In When Being Checked In" in the Toolbox, see details.

See Details

To use this setting, go to: fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Dispatch Module > "Auto Check Out Objects That Are In When Being Checked In" Yes/No (default).

When activating this Setting, if a Check-In is created without a corresponding/previous Check-Out, an automatic Check-Out is created with Dispatch Status: "Returned". This auto Check Out will not have any Name set.

This setting is NOT enabled by default.

When using MacKiosk, this will cause a "missing check-out update" for Missing/Broken items.

Use case: a user takes an item, but due to e.g. time-constraints no Check Out gets created, and then returns the item and now actually does create a Check In.


Added support to sort the Dispatch column "Status" of each Item and show the result in a .csv file, see details.

See Details

In the Dispatch module's main search if you use the option "Show Items", it will show all items inside of a Dispatch with their corresponding "Status" info.
However, you could not click on the column header to sort by this option. Now you can.
And if you export this search result via "Open As Spreadsheet" to a .CSV file, you will see now the "Status" info in its own column like this:

none = If the item doesn't have any Status set (not scanned at all).
track_in = If the item is checked In.
track_out = If the items is checked Out.
prel = If the item has been set to "Status= Ignore: Yes", or if it is "Overdue".


When using "Show Items" in the Dispatch Search, you will now be prompted if you want to continue drawing search results with many rows (1000+), since this search can take some time to finish.

See Details

You might want to consider to refine your search criteria or used filters.




Added new option "Use MS Azure AD Auth" for the Microsoft Exchange integration, see details!

See Details

Latest in early January 2023 Microsoft will stop supporting "basic" authentication for MS Exchange 365!
With this new Microsoft Exchange Setting > *"Use MS Azure AD Auth"* enabled, will keep the MS Exchange integration in farmerswife working, for users own events to be populated on their Exchange calendars.

When enabling this option in fw Server app > Setup > Users > Microsoft Exchange Settings > *"Use MS Azure AD Auth"* by setting it from "No" to "Yes", farmerswife (fw) will use EWS (Exchange Web Services) by using a token from the existing "Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connector" settings. But there is no need to keep the Azure AD integration enabled after it's been configured, and once the Exchange Integration is tested and works.

The "App Registration" on the MS Azure Portal is required, including setting the correct "API Permissions".
Further required settings from Azure AD are: App Client ID, App Secret Key, Oauth 2.0 (v1) Token Endpoint).

The Exchange requirement: *ApplicationImpersonation* must be enabled. This requires "Organization Customization" to be enabled on Exchange.
In case of getting an error from Microsoft Exchange Online due to "Enable Organization Customization" is off, you can install PowerShell with the ExchangeOnline module enabled and run: Enable-OrganizationCustomization.

*See the updated and detailed configuration instructions here:*



Fixed sorting bugs when using "Menu Group" for Materials, Services and Expenses, see details.

See Details

Both the items under each Menu Group and the Menu Groups themselves weren't always sorted alphabetically. Now they are.


Financial Report

Added "Created By (Full Name)" and "Modified By (Full Name)" to Project and Budget Groupings.


Added "Time Report Day Note" and "Object Time Report Day Note" to the Financial Report > Group by: Source > "Class Booking" and "Involved People" Element trees.


Added support for showing "singular form" of Forced Unit Name, see details.

See Details

When an Object had "Force Unit Name" set, the Financial Report showed it as e.g. "1 Sessions", using the "plural form" even if the quantity was 1.
Now it supports displaying in both singular and plural forms.


Fixed "List Price" in Budget Reports doesn't get actual rates on Service/Expense when Forced Unit Name is Day / Days, see details.

See Details

Services that have "Day"/"Days" as the Unit Name, will now show the correct List Price from the Rows loop of the Financial Report Print Designer. Previously having the unit price as "Day" / "Days" would wrongly show the List Price as 0.00.


Fixed Object Class Custom Field Grouping wrongly showing "?" when chosen as Grouping in Financial Reports, see details.

See Details

When selecting an Object Class Custom Field as a Grouping you would get "?" in the Group column in the Financial Report window and then "N/A" in the "Elements / Options:" section in the Print Designer.

Now the actual Object Class Custom Field Name is displayed both in the Financial Report window and the Print Designer.


Fixed a Financial Report issue where grouping by Invoice-BudCat-BudAcc > the Budget Fields & Customs didn't display in the grouping Budget Category.


Fixed a bug in the Financial Report causing empty data in Project Objects Binders info.


Fixed a bug making "Forced Unit Name" override "Fixed", see details.

See Details

When an Object had "Force Unit Name" set, setting its unit to "Fixed" (e.g. in Budgeting) would have no effect in the Financial Report.
This is now fixed, by making "Fixed" take priority over the Force Unit Name.


Fixed a bug showing "(N/A)" for AdHoc Time Reports if "To Invoice" was empty, see details.

See Details

If an AdHoc Time Report didn't have any times in the time report's "To Invoice" column, the Financial Report would show "(N/A)" for the "Time In / Out" field, instead of the Adhoc TR's actual time.
This bug is now fixed.


Fixed a crash when reporting on non-budgeted items but grouping by Budget, see details.

See Details

When you reported on e.g. an Invoice with Objects that weren't coming from any Budget, and the Financial Report was grouping by Budget, it could crash.
The bug was introduced in farmerswife 6.5 beta 2 (rev 17883).



Implemented new "Dark Mode", see details!

See Details

The fw Client desktop app can now be run in Dark Mode.

By default changing of the mode on clients is disabled on the server.
There is a server setting to control the behaviour on all clients.

fw Server > Setup > General > Color Theme Settings > Allow Changing Of Color Theme.
To allow clients to use the feature change from Disabled to Enabled.

After the feature is Enabled, clients will need to reconnect to be able to switch the mode.

Clients can control which theme their client users in Toolbox > Settings > Display > and use the new "Color Theme" option either in "Light" or "Dark" or "Auto".

If Auto is selected the client will follow the system setting (on macOS > System Preferences > General > Appearance )

Toolbox > Settings > Display > Color Theme > options "Dark" or "Light"
Restart required

If the server supports changing the mode on clients the following changes will also be visible across the application:
• All colour pickers that affect background colors (e.g. Booking colors on the Hourline, Long Form etc) have now changed to allow you to pick two colours, a Light Mode and a Dark Mode color.
• Colours prior to applying this upgrade will have a dark colour automatically set, which can be edited.
• At the time of you picking a new colour for Bookings, Projects etc, you can define either the dark or light colour and the alternative colour will be suggested, but you can change this suggestion.
• Web client will always show light colours.




Added new setting "Use Binder Color" to use the Project Binder color also in the Long Form > Objects tree and the Hourline and Web Client, see details.

See Details

Added "Use Binder Color" check-box in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings "Hourline" and "Objects Tree" and "Web Share Settings".

By ticking each option, the Binder color will show in the Hourline, the Objects Tree and the Web Client.


Added support for "Arabic" language, see details.

See Details

Go to the fw Client app > Login window > Setup > Language and here select the new option "Arabic".
This is sorted with latest additions at the end of the list.


Fix a fw Client crash on Windows when doing "Apply Budget Rates To Project Rate Card".


Fixed a fw Client app crash when hovering over different Custom Fields type Selector, after selecting options from a "multiple select pop-up" after having re-ordered them.


Removed the "32bit fw apps EOL" warning info.

See Details

EOL=End Of Life.


Removed wrongly doubled information when doing a Booking mouseover to show Framework Custom Fields.


Split the "About" info into 3 lines and made text selectable.

See Details

On Mac, when logged in with the fw Client desktop app, go to the top left corner and click on "farmerswife" and select "About".
On Windows, when logged in with the fw Client desktop app, go to the top left corner and click on "Menu" and select "About".

Example from a 7.0 Beta 13 > "About" window contains this info:
Version: farmerswife 7.0 Beta 13
Build: 7.0.13-0-gbe7cd1608

Example from a 7.0 Beta nightly build version > "About" window contains this info:
Version: farmerswife 7.0 (Nightly Build - 21
Build: 7.0.12-17-gc3417380a

This info is very helpful for farmerswife support, when assisting with any kinds of issues.


Google Invites


Fixed a Google Invites error when doing "Repeat Bookings".



Added new "Highlight Binder Bookings" in Booking menu > Binder by which users can keep all Bookings in a Binder highlighted (HL, LF Objects tree) + new option to change the highlight color in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Display > "User Highlights Colour".

See Details

HL = Hourline, LF = Long Form


Fixed a bug where Bookings on the Hourline were wrongly not respecting the Global Status colour.

See Details

If you have the following Toolbox > Settings > Hourline:
- Always Force Preliminary Colour When Preliminary
- Always Force Planning Colour When Planning
- Use Container / Project / Client Colours
- Use Booking Name Colour
- User Involved User Colour
- User First Booked Object Activity Colour
turned OFF, then the Bookings should show in the Global Status Colour.
This was not working anymore and all bookings would show in their Substatus Colour.
That was now fixed so they show in their corresponding Global Status Colour again.


Moved the Warning icon that indicates that items are being cropped in the Hourline so that it's more visible!


Invoice Editor

Added support for the "Invoice Editor" window to span the whole size of fw Client app window.

See Details

Go to the Invoice Creator or Invoice Manager and open any Invoice; you are then looking at the "Invoice Editor" window, spanning the size of the fw Client desktop app.


Fixed a client crash when adding an Unreferenced Object to an Invoice.


Fixed when invoicing a Group to ignore Fixed Price when using Multiple Currencies, see details.

See Details

If you had a Group Object with a few Members and added a Fixed Price per Day, when booking the Group Object it would have the Fixed Rate but the Group Members would have 0 Rate. However when invoicing the Group, all Members would have their own rate applied. This is now fixed and the Members will also be invoiced with the 0 Rate.


Invoice Manager

Added support for multiple-selecting Invoices in the Invoice Manager and setting them as "Transferred".


Invoice Report

Added "Quantity Multiplier" and "Quantity Before Multiplier" fields, see details.

See Details

Budget Details can have a Multiplier value that is used together with the Quantity to produce an effective quantity. E.g. 4 x 2 days = 8 days.
But when such Budget Details were invoiced, the Invoice Report would only display the effective quantity (8 days). Now there are two more fields added to the Rows section of the report:
- Quantity Multiplier
- Quantity Before Multiplier




Implemented performance improvements when creating Invoices and Part Invoices.


Label Designer

Improved the Multi Label Printing to work with the new PDF Rendering by now being able to select the page size in points, see details.

See Details

Before, Multi Label Printing on the 64bit fw Client desktop apps on Mac and Windows was not usable. The out-put was not one page containing all the different selected single Labels, but instead wrongly created a page for each label. And it was simply not possible to define the size of the "page" to be printed on.
Both of these issues are now fixed, mainly by now being able to select page size in points!
Note: The page size "A4" (595 x 842 points) is set by default for existing Multi Label Templates.
Further explanation on multi-label printing can be found here:


Labour Rules

Added generating of bi-weekly working periods, see details.

See Details

In the Edit Rule window, next to the working periods chart, there are now two new options:
- Set Periods > Every 2 Weeks (Starting Mon)
- Set Periods > Every 2 Weeks (Starting Sun)


Fixed a bug causing overlapping events to be wrongly counted double as worked hours, see details.

See Details

When counting Worked Hours for Labour Rules, farmerswife flattens any overlapping events so that each hour is only counted once.
However this didn't work if events were of different types.
So overlapping Bookings worked fine, and e.g. overlapping Shifts worked fine, but as soon as you mixed overlapping Bookings and Shifts, it could count time double during the overlapping time.


Fixed a caching issue in the PM User Report when changing Employment Date, see details.

See Details

Labour Rules, including the PM User Report, intentionally ignores all Bookings (etc.) prior to the Employment Date.
But there was an issue where, if you moved the Employment Date to a later date, some Bookings that had already been reported on were *not* ignored, and were even duplicated (in the report) every time you ran the report.
This bug is now fixed.


Fixed a fw Client app crash when calculating totals for Earned Types, see details.

See Details

When calculating the totals for Vacation, Sabbatical, etc., sometimes there was a crash due to a bug handling previous Closing Point data.


Fixed inconsistent worked hours when Tasks overlap other events, see details.

See Details

When different types of events overlap in the schedule, the Worked Hours calculation in Labour Rules will "flatten" the schedule so there is only one event at every point in time. This is so that overlapping events won't count double towards the worked hours.
But because Tasks don't count as worked hours, this meant that if a Task got priority over e.g. an overlapping Shift, then it didn't count as work. And if the Shift got priority, it did count as work. So the result wasn't always consistent.
Now it will always prioritize events that count as work, such as Shifts.


Long Form


Fixed copying a Booking from one Binder to another wrongly duplicates Booking in same Binder and wrongly doesn't cause a conflict.




Added a new "Save" button to be able to save Pending Dispatche scans and continue from a different MacKiosk station, see details.

See Details

Requires MacKiosk v2.6.19 or later and farmerswife to be running on v7.0 Beta 3 or later.

If a User has a Pending Dispatch in the Mac Kiosk, (s)he can now start verifying part of the items and use the new "Save" button in the top right corner.
The scanned items will show as "Verified" in farmerswife and the user can continue to scan on a different Mac Kiosk station to finalize the scan. The "Done Scanning" option will only be available to click, if ALL items on the Pending Dispatch have been scanned (verified).


Mac Kiosk: Fixed a bug where no Dispatch would be created when first scanning a member of a Group and later the Group Object's barcode resulting in "(null)".

See Details

Requires to use MacKiosk v2.6.18 or later.


MacKiosk: Changed behavior when a User has pending dispatches assigned to him and logging into the MacKiosk

See Details

MacKiosk: If a User has a pending dispatch assigned to him through the farmerswife dispatch module (Pickup Email is set to this User's name) when logging into the MacKiosk the Pending Dispatch window pops up instantly and the User can choose a pending dispatch waiting for him.



Added "Maximum Hits When Searching" functionality for the new "Maintenance" tab in the Toolbox, see details.

See Details

See more info on the new Maintenance tab here:


Added a sub-menu and "Release" functionality, so Maintenance Bookings can be closed from inside of the Toolbox > Maintenance window, see details.

See Details

In fw Client app > Toolbox > Maintenance tab a sub menu was added that will offer the user the following options:
- "Solo View In Tree": Select one or multiple Objects to see those in the Object Tree replacing the previous selection.
- "Add To Tree": Adds the selected Objects inside of the Maintenance Bookings to the Object Tree.
- "Set": This option is only available, if there is no open Maintenance Booking up to the present moment. If there is a Maintenance Booking booked for the future, you can also use this option to "set" a new Maintenance Booking.
- "Release": This will change the Status to the Release Status (set in fw Server app > Setup > Bookings tab > "Maintenance Statuses" area) and today's date.
- "New": Will create a new Maintenance Booking for the Object inside of the Maintenance Booking. You can also multiple-select Objects.
- "Report": This opens the Report to be able to create a PDF from one or various Maintenance Bookings.
- "Financial Report On Selected Objects": Use this option to create a Financial Report based on the Objects inside of the Maintenance Booking. No Maintenance Booking can be shown in the Financial Report only Class Bookings on the Object itself.
- "Maximum Hits When Searching": Select here the maximum hits when searching to include all Objects. Be aware, setting it to "No Limit" might slow down the system for the duration of the search.


Added option to choose a "Release Status" for Maintenance Bookings, see details.

See Details

When using the feature in fw Client app > Long Form > Objects tree > Object icon > Maintenance > "Release", this will now additionally set the "Maintenance State" to "Closed" and set the End Date of the current open Maintenance Booking, according to what was set in fw Server app > Setup > Bookings > Maintenance Release Status.


Changed some label names in the Maintenance tab in the Toolbox, see details.

See Details

Changed in fw Client > Toolbox > Maintenance tab > the column label fields to match the Maintenance window.
Changed "Header" to "Name", "Note" to "Description", "Name" to "Object Name", "Status" to "State".


Media Library


Fixed Label batch printing from the Media Library.


Fixed a bug in the Media Library when Multi Label printing it was loading a wrong source.


Fixed wrong Timecode info on some Entries when pasting Media from the Clipboard, see details.

See Details

If you had multiple Entries with Timecodes and you add them to the Clipboard, when pasting into another Media you can choose whether to keep the Timecodes or not. If you untick to assign new Timecodes then in some occasions the Timecodes of one of the pasted Entries would be wrong. This bug is now fixed.


Media Orders

Added support for "Menu Group" on Media Order Objects

See Details

In Object Manager, when you open up a Media Order Object for editing, there's now a new "Menu Group" field.
It works the same as on Materials, Services and Expenses, affecting the menu that is used when you add them to Projects or Media Orders.
Items that have a Menu Group will be collected under a cascade menu with the that name.


Fixed a bug wrongly causing that the Media Order Date widget was not inheriting the value from the linked Project.


The list for "Load From Another User" in Toolbox > Media Orders > Saved Media Orders > Load is now sorted in alphabetic order.


Mobile Web Client


Fixed a bug causing the Mobile Web Client > OpenID login to wrongly not show the "Login With OpenID" button.


Fixed a bug in the Mobile Web Client causing empty screen when editing a Booking and searching to add an Involved Object.

See Details

When a user wanted to edit the Booking in the Mobile Web Client and add Involved Ob ject, searching them under "Search" or "Categories" was empty and not giving any option to actually find any Objects.
Now the bug is fixed and returning search results correctly.


Multiple Currencies

Added "Multiple Currencies" as a separatly licensed module, see details.

See Details

Since 7.0 RC1 "Multiple Currencies" needs to be added to the farmerswife license, in order to use this functionality.


Added Main Currency Sell Totals columns in the Invoice Manager.


Added Multiple Currencies support for "Invoice Totals" in the Invoice Creator and Invoice Manager and added columns for displaying the Totals in the Main Currency and the Used Currency.


Added Multiple Currencies support to Client Rate Cards.


Added Multiple Currency support for "Unreferenced Invoices".

See Details

If Divisions are set up, the currency linked to the division will be applied. The Currency can still be changed. The Object Rates are calculated using conversion rates for now.


Added support for "Multiple Currencies" on the Contact type Client > Client Details tab > "Currency" field.

See Details

You can set "default" Currency on Clients > Client Details > Currency, so when creating a new project and associating with that client you'll be prompted if you'd like to apply that client currency or use the Main/Division/other currency.


Added support for editing Currency Rates, see details!

See Details

### How things are stored
For each Object we now have:
- Buy / Sell Rates: The original Buy / Sell Rates. The numbers stored in here should always be in the Main Currency.
- Currency rates: New index that stores the currency rates of the Object for each active currency. Includes Day and Hour rates.

### How to get the rates in the Edit Project window
- When Use Currency Rates is OFF you get the original Buy / Sell Rates and convert them using the conversion rate.
- When Use Currency Rates in ON you get the Currency rates for the Project Currency.

### What happens when you edit rates
- When Use Currency Rates is OFF you are always editing the Main Currency and the the Project Currency is converted on the fly.
- When Use Currency Rates is ON you are editing all the Currency Rates of the Object for the chosen Day / Hour configuration.


Allow changing currencies on Project, see details

See Details

In general, Object Rates are converted in the following way when changing the Project Currency:
1) If “Use Currency Rates” is on then:
- If the Object INHERITS CLASS RATES and
- It has a Class and Activity ==> gets currency rates of Activity.
- It has Class and no Activity ==> gets currency rates of Class.
- If the Object doesn’t Inherit Object Class Rates or doesn’t have Class and Activity ==> gets currency rates of Object.

2) If “Use Currency Rates” is off then everything is converted with conversion rates.

The above calculations are done for the following Objects:
3. PROJECT OBJECTS (directly added on the Project)

For the following, CONVERSION RATES are always used:


Changed the "Use Currency Rates" setting in "Multiple Currencies Setup" window to be a Selector and called "Default Currency Rates For New Projects".

See Details

On DemoDB go to: fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > "Multiple Currencies Setup" button.


Fixed Invoice Currency showing currency symbol instead of unicode when Multiple Currencies is off.


Fixed Legacy Currency Symbols to appear when Multiple Currencies are enabled.


Fixed Prepayments wrongly adding up on the final Invoice instead of deducting when using Multiple Currencies.


Fixed Prepayments wrongly not being deducted from the final Invoice, when using Object Rates and if a different currency is used than the main one.


Fixed Unreferenced Invoices not correctly converting to Main Currency in the Invoice Creator.


Fixed a bug for the Day/Hour selector wrongly not being shown, when Multiple Currencies is Off.


Fixed a bug where new Bookings were converted twice on Projects with a non Main Currency and where Use Currency Rates is off, see details.

See Details

If you created a new Booking for an Object on a Project where you have set a currency different to the Main Currency and you have the "Use Currency Rate" setting off, it would wrongly convert the rates twice using the different conversion rate.

Now they only get converted once.


Fixed a bug wrongly causing all Rates to be "0" when applying a Budget Template.


Fixed a fw Client crash when changing the "Currency Rates" selector in the Project window and then saying "No" on the Confirmation pop-up window.


Fixed bugs where the Currency was wrongly displayed as 3 digit code in Object Manager and Invoice Editor, instead of showing the currency symbol.


Fixed to hide the legacy currency selector in the Edit Project window, when Multiple Currencies is enabled.


Fixed wrong amounts in Invoice Editor and Invoice Manager which used legacy conversion rate on top of new Multiple Currencies.


Moved Multiple Currency Rate icon in various windows so that it doesn't overlap with text (German) and overtime icon (Activity window), see details.

See Details

The Multiple Currency Rate icon would wrongly overlap over the text in certain windows in German. This was fixed in the following windows:
- User
- Resource Details
- Suites/Workstations
- Equipment/Machines
- Class


Renamed "Primary Currency" to "Main Currency".


New Web Client

Added Arabic language to the Web Client.

See Details

On the Login page of the Web Client, use the "Language" selector field.


Fixed wrong Booking colors in the Web Client, see details.

See Details

When the "display color" of the Confirmed Booking Status was changed via fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Web Share Settings > Booking Colors > Confirmed, it would wrongly not populate properly in the Web Client and still show Bookings with the default green color for all Confirmed Bookings.
It's now fixed and when green is changed to any other colour, it's displayed correctly in the Web Client.




Added "Booking Note" and "Timereport Day Note" to the Email Notification "On Booking Time Report Changes", see details.

See Details

This change adds the two elements: "Booking Note" and "Time Report Note (Day Note) to the *Booking Time Report Change* Global Notification emails.


Object Manager / Server Setup


Fixed a bug wrongly causing Objects from no longer showing up in the Object Manager, due to an old internal limit, see details.

See Details

To fix this issue, the internal SERVER_HAS_MANY_OBJECTS number was extended the first time since v4.0 from 2000 to 4000. The previous limitation on Object searches was also preventing from looking into Object Classes, for performance reasons.


Object Report


Added the "Inventory Number" (or "User Number") field to the Object Report > Objects section.


Fixed Object Report doubling Total Buy/Sell if Object is added twice to the same Booking, see details.

See Details

When an item was added twice to the same Booking, in the Object Report Total Buy/Sell would be wrongly doubled.
Now the bug is fixed and Totals sum up correctly.




Added "Locked" field for users as one of the columns when exporting an Object from the Object Manager.


Auto Number Inventory Number: Added Number padding, see details.

See Details

Added number padding (1-9) to Auto Number Inventory Number with the setting: Padding In Inv. Number.
It is now possible to enable a number padding 01, 001, 003 up until 9 digits to the auto number inventory feature. When activating the feature in the Server Setup > Objects tab > Auto Number Inventory Number and Padding In Inv. Number all Inventory Numbers will start with 1 (and the padding you chose), ignoring any former Inventory Numbers.


Fixed a fw Client crash when opening the Modify User window without "Can See/Modify Rates" permissions, see details.

See Details

When a user had the permission to create and modify Objects in the Objects Manager, but at the same time had no permission to see and modify Rates, it would cause a fw Client app crash when opening the Modify User window in the Object Manager.
The bug is fixed now and users with no rate permissions can open the Modify User window without any issues.


Objects Tree

Optimised Long Form > Objects tree fetching of data when many Media Orders were used.



Implemented multiple changes for the "OpenID Connect" integration to work with "Okta Single Sign On", see details.

See Details

See more info on how to start using the "OpenID Connect" together with "Okta Single Sign On":


Password Policies


Fixed some bugs on the Password Policies, see details!

See Details

Fixed the following:
- Setting "Lock time" to 0 causes error message that user has to wait for 0 seconds.
- Users selected to be "Excluded From Password Expiry" didn't persist on client side.
- It was wrongly possible to exclude in-active users from password expiry.


Personnel Tree

Add offset for Custom Personnel Types, see details.

See Details

Added "Allow Manual Offset" column to the Personnel Event Types window that, when true, allows the setting of a manual offset for that Custom Personnel Event Type.
For some Personnel Types you can enter an "Offset" Number, that counts against the days taken of that type.
Now, from v7.0 you can also set offset numbers on Custom Personnel Types.

See more detailed info here:


Improved the performance in the Long Form > Personnel tree if Labour Rules is licensed and Saved View "Separators" were used, see details.

See Details

Before it could take more than 20 seconds to load the Long Form > Personnel tree with more than 50 Objects and showing 2 months in the Long Form View Port, if Labour Rules was licensed.

Now, this has been optimized, and the same operation as before is down to 5 seconds.


Price Agreements

Fixed Dark Mode colours for Price Agreements, see details.

See Details

When using the farmerswife Client app in Dark Mode, wrongly all Price Agreements did not show the set colour. This is now fixed.


Print As PDF (fw Client side)


Added "Arial" as fallback font when a character is not available in the selected font.


Fixed a bug in Batch Label printouts which was causing to show wrong source data on the PDFs, see details.

See Details

To be able to do "Batch Label" printouts, you work from the Media Library > Search. You then use the sub-menu or right-mouse click anywhere on your search results. On the pop-up menu select "Multi Label Printing". On your already existing Multi Label Template, you then drag & drop the Media or Entries onto the existing Label areas.
When you then use "Save As PDF..." each Label gets "printed" onto one Page inside the same PDF. You can then easily Print this PDF on your Label Printer, where then also each page gets printed on its own label.


Print Designer


Added support for the Print Designer to add a new "QR Code" element type, see details.

See Details

After adding this new "QR Code" element type, you can then "edit" it and select an element to be used for the QR Code. If the QR Code is to represent more than one Data Element, then you have to previously configure and setup a Data Element that contains all information in one String. Once the Data Element is chosen you can set the pixel size for the QR Code. For further information see


Added the 8th "Print Designer Version" - to fix multiline text issues in Invoices > Totals causing overlapping elements especially on Page Breaks, see details.

See Details

Go to fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > “Print Designer Version” by which you can select and keep using a specific version of the Print Designer, while we continue fixing and adding new versions solving other issues.

This latest “Print Designer Version: 8" is specially focused to fix multiline text issues in Invoices > Totals causing overlapping elements especially on Page Breaks.

Summary of all 7 “Print Designer Version" options:
1: Default "Built In PDF Printer". (On v6.8 the Print Designer Version: 5 is set to be the Default one after the upgrade.)

2: To help when using Print Designer Templates with many "loops" and Rectangles.

3: Specially focused to fix issues on Print Designer Templates, where the Text Elements do not aligning properly after a Page Break, where this is caused by using multiple-line texts in "Loop" and "Page" positions with Rectangles causing Page Breaks.

4: Specially focused to fix issues on Print Designer Templates, where in the template's "Setup" "Show Header In Each Page" is being used. This could wrongly cause, that some Text Elements were wrongly overlapping after a Page Break.

5: Specially focused to fix issues on Page Breaks issues caused within the Total sections, when using multiline texts and many “dynamic” Total values positioned next to each text line.
Note: On v6.8 this Print Designer Version is set to be the "Default".

6: Specially focused to fix issues on wrong y position in the Elements Rows section, when one of the elements jumps to the next page and following ones need to start in the same position than the element that caused the page break.

7: Specially focused on customer specific Page Break issues and Financial Report.

8: Specially focused to fix multiline text issues in Invoices > Totals causing overlapping elements especially on Page Breaks.


Fixed a "String Operator" bug where a single bracket or a single parenthesis replacement was wrongly not working, because they were evaluated as a wrong Regular Expression.


Fixed the Dayplan Report special behaviour of Rectangles being affected since "Print Designer Version" 2.

See Details

The Framework Names are now not wrongly aligned at the bottom of the Rectangle when using in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Print Designer Version: any of the 7 versions.




Fixed a bug by which Group Templates and batch printing were wrongly not showing Page Numbers on single page Reports.


Fixed the "Default Printer" setting in Labels and Print Designer. And now, when using "Print (Beta)" with a Default Printer set on the template, it prints directly without opening the "installed printers" pop-menu.


Helvetica font fix when using Print As PDF, see details.

See Details

Printing to PDF in New Rendering Mode was converting the Italic Helvetica font to Bold Italic on PDFs. This fix is to correct this issue, so that Italic Helvetica comes through to the PDF as Italic Helvetica.


Improved "Print (Beta)" now called "Print" again - for direct printing support on Windows, see details!

See Details

The "direct print" functionality called "Print (Beta)" has been completely re-factored. And the button on the Print Designer is now called "Print" again.
It now works the same way as it already did on macOS!
You don't need to apply any special configuration.
The only pre-requisite is: The actual Printer you want to directly print too must be installed, configured and working on the computer you want to print from the fw Client app.
You can then use the "Print (Beta)" button where it's available on Print Designers, Financial Report Designer and Label Designer preview windows.


Removed "(Beta)" text from the "Print" button in the Print Designer and Labels. 


Project & Invoice Reports


Fixed a bug where Price Agreement info was wrongly not showing on Project Reports.

See Details

The Price Agreement Name now correctly shows up in the Project Report. Before it was always stating "No Price Agreement".


Project Report

Fixed a bug wrongly causing to reset to the first Project View when running Project Reports, see details.

See Details

When you ran a Project Report, it would forcefully reset the Project View to the first one in the list before actually running the report, causing these issues:
- The wrong items might be used for the Report.
- Any Price Agreements from the original view might be missing.
- When you came back to the Edit Project window, it might show wrong items and/or prices.

This bug was introduced in 6.8 SP1, and it is fixed.


Project Window


Fixed for AdHoc Time Reports which were not sorted properly in the Edit Project window, if the "Sort Bookings By Date" setting was enabled.



Disabled the option in fw Server > Setup > Projects > Project Customs > "Apply To All Existing Projects" when using "Template Lists", see details.

See Details

Before it was possible to click and use the option in fw Server > Setup > Projects tab > Project Customs > "Apply To All Existing", even if you have "Saved Custom Field Templates" (Saved Template Lists). This would however provoke a Custom Field loss on all Projects, as it would apply the displayed Custom Fields to all Projects. This has now been blocked and the option is greyed out if you are using Custom Field Templates for Projects.


Fixed Project Import Custom Field Mapping wrongly cutting off fields.


Projects Tree


Added option to Long Form > Projects tree > "Sort by Booking Start Date", see details.

See Details

You can now sort the Projects in the Long Form > Projects tree by their earliest Booking or Ad-hoc Timereport date.

To use this new sort option, go to:
fw Client app > Long Form > Projects tree icon left-mouse-button click > and then select the new "Sort By Booking Start Date" option.

For more information see


Public Holiday Calendars

Updated UK Public Holidays 2023, see details.

See Details

The UK Public Holidays have been updated to include Monday 8th May 2023 Bank Holiday, for Coronation of King Charles III.




Added a new GET, PUT /user endpoints to be able to query and update users, see details!

See Details

Requires to use latest swagger.json v0.8.11.
This is published together with the release of v7.0 on this solution article:


Fixed a bug in fw REST API GET /event endpoint where querying with filter parameters was with "Bad request" response.


Fixed wrong am/pm time format in the fw REST Api.

See Details

The fwRESTapi will now always convert "time" information into the 24h-timekeeping-system according to ISO 8601 time format.

This means, it does not matter if in fw Server app > Setup > General > Time: ... the format "21:00" or this format "09:00 pm" is being used. Time relevant results via the fwRESTapi will now always be displayed in the 24h-timekeeping-system according to ISO 8601 time format.

For this change to apply, your farmerswife system needs to at least run on 6.8 nightly rev. 20572 or later.

There is no "swagger.json" version update needed for this change to take affect.
Latest swagger.json version is still 0.8.9.
The latest sagger.json version is still 0.8.9.


Improved the fw REST API GET /event endpoint to be able to filter by projectID combined with other params like dayFrom, dayTo, ObjectType, ObjectID.

See Details

Latest "swagger.json" version is still the one from farmerswife v6.8 Release rev. 20523: v0.8.9.


REST API bug fix for the /event endpoint when filtering by non existing projectID or by a projectID without Bookings.

See Details

No swagger.json file update is needed for this fix to apply.


Rate Cards

Fixed a bug when editing rates for Object Classes in Rate Cards.


Fixed a bug where the Rate from a Rate Card was not applied, if it was set to 0.00, see details.

See Details

Before the fix, 0.00 rates would never get applied after doing "Force Apply" in the Rate Card.
Now Rates will be set to 0.00 when hitting Force Apply, but only if the 0.00 Rate comes from an Object in the Rate Card.


Fixed a crash Bug when editing the Hour/Day unit on a Activity in a Rate Card when Multiple Currencies are off.




Added the "Booking Object Note" to the Object Report and User Report to the "Events" section.


Fixed bugs in Time In/Out fields for Adhoc Time Reports in Financial and Project Reports, see details.

See Details

Adhoc Time Reports don't have any "Booked" time. So in a couple of places (Financial Report > Rows and Project Report > First X In Booking), the Time In/Out fields showed e.g. 06:00-06:00 as time.
Unless a field is specifically for Booked time, it should show the reported In/Out time. That is now fixed.


Schedule Changes Email


Added a new "Static Time Frames" option in Web Share Settings so that Schedule Changes Emails will be sent, if "Static Viewable Timeframe" is set to the past, see details.

See Details

Some farmerswife systems need to hide future events from the schedule for some users.
This can be achieved with using the "Static Time Frames > Viewable" to be set to the past.
But until now, this also prevented "Schedule Changes Emails" to not get sent.

Now a new check-box setting was added, called "Use Web User's Viewable Static Time Frame" and is is located in the fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Web Share Settings > External Calendars / Schedule Changes Email Sendout / XML ..." section.
This new Setting is enabled/checked by default, to ensure the standard behaviour of the "Schedule Changes Email Sendout" functionality is persevered.

If you now un-tick this new setting "Use Web User's Viewable Static Time Frame", then another new Setting called "Static Time Frames" gets displayed. Select here the period for which the Schedule Changes Email can be send out, independent of the "Static Time Frames > Viewable" configuration.


Send Backup

The Jetty "web_logs" folder is now included on the "Send Backup Now" process.



Added "SSL" setting for the fw Server-side "File Transfer Port", see details.

See Details

Go to fw Server app > Setup > General > "File Transfer Port", there's now a pop-up menu with a "Use SSL" setting. By default this is Off.
Activating it will make the internal file transfers use TLS.


Added new settings to the optional "server.cfg", see details.

See Details

These new settings are now supported through server.cfg:
- SKIP_SERVER_DIALOGS: Setting this to 1 prevents the farmerswife Server app from showing a couple of dialogs that require user dismissal, such as "Upgrade Shutdown Required". More dialogs may be added in the future. Default value: 0
- DEFAULT_DATABASE: When no database exists, setting this to "demo" or "empty" will make the farmerswife Server app use the corresponding database instead of asking. Default value: "ask"



When re-timing Shifts, it no longer shows a conflict dialog, see details.

See Details

When you moved a Shift so it overlapped a Booking, there was a dialog asking if you want to remove the Object from the Booking. And if you pressed No, it failed due to conflicts.
At the same time, the conflict dialog didn't show when you added a new Shift.
As it can be useful to have overlapping Shifts and Bookings, the conflict dialog is no longer used when moving Shifts.


Time Report

Fixed a bug wrongly showing the "Project Todos" icon on any Timereport, when not enabled, see details.

See Details

The "Project Todos" icon in a time report should only show IF the "Project Todo's" are configured in the fw Server app > Setup > Projects tab.


Implemented Timereport tweaks, see details.

See Details

- Fixed Objects not counting as timereported when "Timereport Complete On Users Time" setting is enabled.
- Implemented to hide future Bookings when Timereport Mode is set to "Used" and "Use Timereporting" is enabled.



Changed to allow type "Task/Booking" users to change the "Keep Class, Activity/Rates" setting in the Toolbox.

See Details

Advanced Users who are type "Task/Booking" can now edit the "When Replacing Keep The Class, Activity And Rates" setting in the Toolbox.


Fixed a bug in Toolbox > Containers causing Container Customs wrongly being shifted to the right.


Fixed a fw Client error on clicking Toolbox > Projects > Container > "Edit" on Projects without a Container.


User & Object Report


Added "Sick", "Unavailable" and "Custom Event Types" to the "Personnel Event Totals" section in the User Report.


User Report


Added "Framework Note" to the User Report > Events section.


Web & Mobile Client

Added "Enabled" setting for Booking Colors in Web Share Settings, see details.

See Details

In v6.8, new Settings were added in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Web Share Settings, to control the Booking Colors in the Web Client and on the iOS fw app.
This caused the previous color behavior to change, and it was hard to update the settings in a way that brought back the old behavior.

Now a new "Enabled" checkbox has been added at the top of fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Web Share Settings > Booking Colors. Un-checking it will almost bring back the old color behavior, with the exception that "Use Container / Project / Client Colour" will no longer apply. That setting existed before fw 6.8, but it makes most sense to disable it together with all the other Booking Color settings when they are disabled.


Added to be able to set the "Default Ad-Hoc Booking Status" for "Ad-Hoc Timereporting" to the Web Profile Manager, see details.

See Details

To use this new Web Permission Setting go to e.g. fw Client desktop app > main module bar "Object Manager", select and open a user by double clicking it, go to Permission Profile > sub-menu Web Profile Manager > Timereports > Ad-Hoc Timereporting > "Default Ad-Hoc Booking Status" with a Selector button (by default empty), to choose the "Default Ad-Hoc Booking Status" for Ad-Hoc Timereports created via the "Allowed Access Tiers".


Web Client

Arabic language added to the Web Client.

See Details

Use the "Language" selector on the Login window of the Web Client from default "English" to one of the other available ones.


Fixed a bug by adding support for "N/A" (Not Applicable) Time In / Time Out in Booking window for AdHoc Time Reports on the Web Client, see details.

See Details

This issue happened if in fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Web Share Settings > "Open Booking Window In Edit Mode When Creating Ad-hoc Time Report" was enabled.


Fixed a bug in Ad Hoc Time Reports from the Web Client when using the Toolbox Setting "Open Booking Window In Edit Mode When Creating Ad-Hoc Time Report".


Fixed a bug which wrongly duplicated Objects when moving a Booking via the Web Client, see details.

See Details

In the Web Client, when a Web User moved a Booking on the calendar that contained a Suite/Workstation and a User, the Booking move would change the Suite to the new timeslot but wrongly duplicated the person/User on the Booking. This bug is now fixed.


Fixed that the "Note" field isn't full sized when in read-only mode.


Web Profile Manager

Renamed a two Web Permissions in the Web Profile Manager, see details!

See Details

In Web Profile Manager > a Profile > Timereprots ...

1. Renamed: "Allow Reporting Over Existing Reported Time" to: "Allow Reporting Over Existing Reported Period Of Time".

2. Renamed: “Allow Timereporting on Projects” to: “Ad-Hoc Timereporting”.


Web Visibility

Changed Start Date in German from Eingangsdatum to Startdatum to fix overlapping text in Web Visibility window




Added new setting "Hide User Number / Other In The Web Client, iOS and Mobile Web Client" and implemented it on the Mobile Web Client, see details.

See Details

Go to fw Client app > Toolbox > Settings > Web Share Settings > "Hide User Number / Other In The Web Client, iOS and Mobile Web Client: Yes / No (default)" check-box.

This functionality is supported on the iOS fw app since v5.0.861.