Enhance Project Scheduling with farmerswife

Use a scheduling software that allows you to track and manage resources without needing to go the extra mile

Real-Time Facility Scheduling Software

Manage your facility schedule in real time with our advanced production scheduling software. 

Gain visibility across your entire organization with multi-platform access, wherever you are. See real-time bookings, availability, conflicts, and more in our fully customizable timeline.

  • Real-Time Visibility: Monitor bookings and availability instantly with our production scheduling software.
  • Multi-Platform Access: Accessible from the office, home, or on location, our scheduling tools ensure seamless connectivity.
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling: Easily book resources with our intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling software, designed for quick and efficient resource scheduling.
  • Configurable Timeline Views: Customize views for production, post-production, and recording studio management with our versatile scheduling and resource management solution.
  • Project Scheduling: Optimize your projects with our advanced project scheduling and production planning software, including integrated time tracking tools for precise tracking and resource management.

Transform how you schedule tasks with our resource management solution and boost performance.

Hourly Bookings with Scheduling Tools

Manage your short-term bookings with ease using scheduling tools and production planning software to book resources by the hour, minute, or day with our intuitive Hourline feature, ensuring precise micro-management for daily operations. 

  • Flexible Booking Options: Book resources by the hour, minute, or day with ease.
  • Customizable Views: Define resources and group them by location or team for a visually appealing schedule.
  • Real-Time Sharing: Share schedules in real time with colleagues, accessible online or via mobile devices.
  • Time Tracking Tools: Utilize time tracking tools for accurate monitoring and efficient resource management.

Strategic Production Scheduling

Achieve big picture planning with our production scheduling software, offering a bird’s eye view of your facility in the Long Form. 

Schedule and manage projects and resource utilization over a specified period of time with ease.

  • Gantt Chart Project Planning: Plan projects with clear phases, milestones, and booking details.
  • Flexible Time Frame Management: Schedule resources over different periods, whether hourly, daily, or longer.
  • Resource Utilization: Optimize resource allocation for better operations.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Share schedules instantly for seamless team coordination.

Transform your production management with our advanced studio management software and resource scheduling solutions, ensuring clarity and efficiency in every aspect of your operations.


Our scheduling software offers features like real-time booking, customizable views, resource allocation, time tracking, and integration with other management tools.

You can start by requesting a demo or contacting our sales team to learn more about how farmerswife scheduling software can benefit your organization.

Production scheduling software helps plan and manage production activities, resources, and timelines to optimize efficiency in manufacturing environments.

Planning and scheduling software organizes tasks, allocates resources, and sets timelines for projects or operations to ensure effective execution.

Planning and scheduling software organizes tasks, allocates resources, and sets timelines for projects or operations to ensure effective execution.

Scheduling involves identifying requirements, sequencing tasks, assigning resources, creating a timeline, and monitoring progress to ensure timely completion. 

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