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Skynet iMotion Activities (SiA)

All the 300+ Web Users access the system via the Web Client, iOS and/or the Mobile Web Client. They enter their monthly availability by using day and night shifts so the planners can easily see who’s available or not.
Location: Brussels, Belgium Type: Broadcasting Web Site Skynet iMotion Activities (SiA) was created in 2005 with the launch of Proximus TV. SiA is an entity of the Proximus Group that deals with the creation, production, purchase, and exploitation of audiovisual content. This content is offered on Proximus TV and broadcast on its own channels, which are exclusive to the Proximus TV platform. Among other things, SiA produces and broadcasts Belgian and international football fixtures. The exploitation and promotion of content in the ‘Video on Demand’ catalogue is also one of the core tasks of this innovative and dynamic subsidiary of the Proximus group. Meanwhile SiA televises more than 700 live sporting events per year and broadcasts on three linear TV channels (Proximus Zoom, Movies & Series and Proximus 11+). The Video on Demand catalogue of more than 2000 movies is also managed by SiA. All this is done in the two official languages.


Coming from a system of various Excel sheets and many manual operations we were looking to find one tool to handle all the staff but also manage project planning, budgets and follow up on costs.


SiA uses farmerswife as a collaboration tool for all Freelancers, Staff and Third Party Suppliers (Interim) to log in, provide their availability, pull monthly reports on their bookings, time sheets for them to use as invoice basis to provide to the finance department. All the 300+ Web Users access the system via the Web Client, iOS and/or the Mobile Web Client. They enter their monthly Availability by using Day and Night Shifts so the Planners can easily see who’s available or not. They will then allocate the available people to bookings for sports events, shifts and regular external productions. We make use of the iOS and web clients so people can accept or decline those booking proposals. On a daily basis, all people also receive an email with all new, changed or deleted events. On a month end we extract all validated (time reported) bookings into a special formatted CSV file which is the imported in our SAP to then link the information with the corresponding PO’s in SAP. We’ve some special report templates configured, which allow the planners to review the information before it is sent to SAP.

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