Solutions Engineer – US / Remote


The Solutions Engineer’s basic function is for the successful management of all technical aspects of the implementation of farmerswife software. Responsibilities include identifying ways to leverage technology, pre-sales, project status reporting, technical guidance and recommendations. The individual will be part of a multiple disciplinary team in the delivery of farmerswife software and is responsible for creation, development and implementation of new value-added products and services that help differentiate farmerswife from the competition.


Flexible, however you will be required to work 9-6pm ET to provide overlap with UK and European colleagues.  

Salary: $65k-$75k depending on location and experience


Technical Support 

Assist clients and prospective clients with any questions or concerns they might have before, during or after the implementation of farmerswife software from a technical/IT/Integrations perspective. This may include configuring firewall and network rules, proxying (particularly NGINX), mapping data flows, debugging software problems and working to resolve any issues escalated to technical support. 

Maintain Backend Infrastructure

Cloud Management configuration, monitoring and maintenance across multiple regions to serve as hosts for farmerswife software applications. Perform monitoring to ensure all services are up and running. Periodically apply updates and patches as needed to the infrastructure.

Develop Custom Software Solutions

Work with our Dev team as well as client stake holders to identify and create integrations with farmerswife software to automate workflows and add additionally functionally. Including scoping and estimating work as well as deploying and testing within clients environments.

Create and Maintain Documentation

Create new and update knowledge base and internal articles with relevant information for farmerswife software, needs use cases and how to resolve common client issues. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a STEM subject or its equivalent;
  • Familiarity with common business hardware and software solutions;
  • High level communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to create big picture software solutions;
  • Ability to present ideas in a clear way to technical and non technical stake holders;
  • Attention to details;
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative, team environment;
  • Related professional experience a plus.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a STEM subject or its equivalent;
  • 2+ years experience in technical consulting;
  • 2+ years experience with integrating software in Enterprise environments;
  • 2+ years experience with networking and firewall setup and configuration;
  • 2+ years experience with managing distributed software using automation tools;
  • 5+ years experience in an IT or other Technical Support role;
  • Ability to scope out deployments including staffing and hardware provisioning;
  • Experience working across a variety of enterprise IT orgs including exposure to change control work processes;
  • Must be able to design solution that fit the business requirements;
  • Knowledge of Industry and current best technologies and IT strategies;
  • Planning experience to anticipate and prevent client issues;
  • Strong communications skills, both oral and written;


  • Analytic – Collect and process a variety of data quickly to identify problem areas and create actionable solutions. 
  • Cloud Computing – Comfortable creating and provisioning a server in the cloud to serve as host or network proxy. Ability to automate common process and monitoring to ensure uptime is meeting contract obligations
  • Also Docker with Kubernetes experience would be ideal
  • Programming – Basic competency in programming language to assist with debugging and deployments, knowledge of scripting, version control (GIT) 
  • Technical Skills – User management in a network environment including via SSO, comfortable identify issues with user applications as well as host OS (macOS, linux and windows server). 
  • Interpersonal Communication – Comfortable communicating orally or in writing with a wide array of people (technical and non-technical) from C-suite to on the ground FW users in a clear and concise manner.

If you are interested, please get in touch to let us know why you think you’d like to join our team! Please also attach your current CV along with info on your earliest start date and salary requirement.

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