A la Plage Studio

farmerswife actively contributes to our competitive advantage by increasing our visibility, productivity, agility and quality, as well as upgrading our customer relationship management. A real benefit for both the support and technical department.

Responsiveness, depth knowledge (expertise) and premium service at the fair price are the features that certainly best define our team and services. Founded in 2014, A la plage STUDIO is a key player in the highly competitive global market for image and sound editing. Located in creative and friendly environment in Paris, our company offers to its clients a global solution including all the technical facilities and services in order to satisfy audiovisual post-production demand for feature, documentary, TV and short film. 1000m2 spaces dedicated to 18 editing suites, 2 grading rooms, 1 viewing room, 1 dubbing & 1 mixing room.

Since 2016, more than a hundred original works have been welcomed to our studio. Our team keeps on improving by adapting its processes and tools to the complexity of each film project in order to provide innovative answers as close as possible to the needs of the most demanding directors; and adapting to the unexpected situation (scheduling impact due to Covid crisis for example).


To provide support and sustain the strong growth of our business by structuring our data and information flows in order to improve our ability to analyse needs and business outcomes, facilitate monitoring and efficient decision-making as well as the appropriate management of resources with the aim of developing and ensuring the business over medium and long term.
Two main converging facts motivated our choice to implement an ERP solution as a key assistant to manage our activity.

1) Expansion of our installations and two separates spaces at the same address.
2018 was a strategic year in which our 5-person organization reached a new stage towards growth. This was made possible through the acquisition of an additional workspace area of 450 m2. The benefit was immediate for both: customers and team. And allow us to multiply x2 our customers, enhance the sales value, increase its turnover volume and invest in innovative equipment’s

2) “0” automation of information flows and silo organization
Until November 2019, only the Microsoft office software’s and Google tools were used to monitor sales, to handle the customer relationship management and project follow-up, record financial or commercial data. Our staff is organized into two departments : commercial and technical. The fact is that our operations have become too time-consuming, too “permeable” to human error, with a productivity that can be improved and less dynamic than we can expected.
The day-to-day business has become more and more complicated to coordinate since our infrastructures spread over 2 places.


Even though we have been progressively exploiting its functionalities, farmerswife scheduling has quickly become a key component of our daily operational management. An essential tool for the registration of all new project and monitoring of each key stages of its life cycle: quotations, scheduling, management of the material and human resources required, rental requirements, invoicing management, financial reporting and follow-up of booking editing rates.
Viewing the activity in detail and in real time by everyone is finally possible. Its implementation and integration into our work processes is simple. It has a positive impact on the way we think now the business. Improving efficiency and collaboration within our “little”. All participating in the security of our value chain.
farmerswife actively contributes to our competitive advantage by increasing our visibility, productivity, agility and quality, as well as upgrading our customer relationship management. A real benefit for both the support and technical department. Since the company’s organisation is no longer based on separate and individual functions, but more and more on a global and dynamic process thanks to the task’s automation, centralisation and secure scheduling of project-specific data (commercial and non-commercial ones). Now we connect functions using common data and transform transactional data into useful information.
In addition to improving business management, farmerswife became also a “diagnostic tool”. It helps us to implement actions that benefit our strategic plans. Indeed, it allows us to deepen our analyses of multi-criteria performances and to confirm with consistency the identified needs for key investments in equipment (thanks to inventory and purchase management more adapted ) and/or to evolve our price and service’s range vs market practices.


It is difficult for a small organisation such as ours to find a correct ERP solution that is adapted to our industry and, furthermore, with a real dedicated team that guides you successfully in each step of your digital transformation, whatever your native language.
We congratulate the high level of service, professionalism, responsiveness and high availability of our referent and the support team. They have done everything possible to ensure that the farmerswife solution is as close as possible to our current and future needs.

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