Bacon X

Using farmerswife has saved us time, ulcers and headaches.

Helena de Brun, CEO.


We are not a big company but we usually have 15-25 active projects ongoing all the time. Sure, we could use spreadsheets, but it would be very time consuming and there would be a high risk of having inaccurate information.

Before implementing farmerswife there was not really a planning system. We were using Shotgun which is a great VFX Pipeline tool, but it is not really a planning system for managing a visual effect company like ours.


After 18 months of using farmerswife, we now cannot imagine being without it. It has everything that’s needed for managing a post production facility like ours. It keeps track of artists, finance, and it is excellent at generating reports for our management team. We use reports for forecasting and also to look back on how we did last month. I depend on farmerswife to generate the reports our finance department need on a regular basis.


The investment has certainly paid off. It saves us time, ulcers and headaches! We have dramatically increased our ability to reach our overall company budget goals and I would say that this is largely thanks to farmerswife. It it easy to review the costs and revenues of our projects as we use both the buy and sell rates. It really is a time and energy saver. I can very easily follow up how we are doing financially on our ongoing projects and take any measures needed for critical incidents that I probably would not have noticed without farmerswife.

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