Cirkus is THE tool we were searching for many years. It combines the different functionalities of multiple other planning tools in one single place, making communication easy and workflows transparent. A must have.


Postproduction workflows are depending on many different factors, such as availibilites of resources, freelancers, equipment, client feedback etc. Over years we were forced to use multiple tools to get all those requirements done: Different calendars, several to do lists, a booking software, excel grids and many more.

The downside of all this is obvious: multiple tools, which aren’t able to connect with each other lead to difficulties in workflows, misunderstandings and mistakes and make collaboration very difficult. Moreover film-postproduction is very dynamic. Changes in materials, timing and requested deliveries happen all the time. A nightmare when using multiple tools.


We needed ONE tool to steer all processes and enable smooth collaboration. And we found it in CIRKUS. We started using it already in October 2019, thus we could learn the tool from scratch. Everything connected, every task transparent, every change visible, we received not only a tool but a full toolbox. Now it is possible to have a clear overview about tasks, availabilities and project workflows at any time. Usage is intuitive and so easy. No more internal emails, no more lost paper notes, everything is organised now. And possibilities grow every day.


We feel that Cirkus is made by people who know the postproduction business in depth and who really care for their clients. They are always listening to our needs! From the very beginning we were able to give personal feedback, make suggestions for improvements and were welcome to help make Cirkus better everyday. We have a direct contact to talk to and detailed responses come within hours.

Moreover, the speed Cirkus is developing is breathtaking. Within the last 1,5 years we have seen so many new functions which make the tool an indispensable must-have, we never want to miss any more. All in all its more than a pleasure to work with such a motivated team on such a brilliant tool.

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